Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today went something like this: I got up around 10 am (yayy!)... checked my email, and found pdfs of tears in my inbox from Kurv Magazine. The issue comes out in July 2010, once its out I will post it. :)

I headed out to take some things back from yesterday's swimsuit shoot (theres a shot from the shoot below). I also picked up more wardrobe for a shoot I had at 2pm for the Girl Scouts CEO. The theme was artist/writer/La Roux/graphic designer/Indie Rocker look. Check mark for accomplished, shots came out great, and the client loved it!

Afterwards I swung by Christina's (the make-up artist) on the way home, to bring her her bag that she left at the studio. We gabbed for a bit and grabbed some sushi. Now, at 1am I'm winding down chillin on the couch...

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