Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Secrets of a Model

I have spent countless hours and days with top models, celebrities, and make-up artists on set and behind the scenes.  And, from this I have learned countless insider beauty secrets... after all these girls make their livings off of having glowing perfect skin, so who better to learn beauty secrets from than some of prettiest people on the planet?

Sure some of it is genetics, but we all can use a little help maintaining and touching up.  I recently chatted it up with one of my favorite swimwear models who is mixed with Japanese and Black, and has similar skin tone to me.  We were discussing spider bites we both had on our backs that led to scarring... not pretty because I pride myself on my smooth skin.  But, then she told me that she is having laser treatments on hers... and also how she also had a few select moles zapped off of her face.  Genius!

So, recently a friend of mine also shared info about a new spa that offers services like this in New York called Laser Touch Aesthetics.  They have three locations: Soho, Midtown Manhattan, and White Plains.  They offer laser hair removallaser tattoo removalpore reductionacne treatment, skin tightening, cellulite treatments, and Smartlipo.  And, their locations are super cute!

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