Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pump Room

While I love fashion I still like to post about other things that interest me... and one major interest of mine is food!  I love good food and good company.  I had heard plenty of good things about the Pump Room located in the Public Hotel... so while in Chicago we decided upon dinner there. 

Walking into the lobby of the hotel I immediately smelled a delicious coconut aroma... I later found out from my local Chicagoan friends that the hotel and restaurant are scented with $70 Le Labo candles from Barney's (which also comes in perfume form).

After our stroll through the hotel we entered The Pump Room.  The décor was beautiful, very clean lines and an air of minimalism.  The focal point of the restaurant is the amazing lighting hanging from the ceiling in the form of lit globes, resembling chains of golden molecules. 

We were immediately seated in an upper level, curtained, somewhat private area where we could gaze over the restaurant and have intimate conversation.  We ordered polenta, salmon, and fried chicken over sautéed spinach.  Overall, we thought the food was pretty bland and lacked flavor.  I haveactually had better chicken at KFC.  The salmon however was ok, fresh, and high quality fish.  There just seemed to be something missing from the food, that didn't measure up to the ambiance of the restaurant. 


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