Saturday, May 16, 2015

DIY How I Upholstered a Headboard

While thrifting one weekend I came across a mid century modern headboard that I thought would be perfect to upholster. The headboard was flat and had clean simple lines.
The headboard itself was $11... the most expensive part of this project was the designer fabric I chose.  The total for this project was around $150.
Supplies used:
Upholstery fabric
Staple gun
3m Spray adhesive glue

Step 1:
I cleaned off the headboard with some Lysol wipes the day before. Then I took my headboard outside to spray glue the batting on.
mid century modern vintage headboard

 Step 2:
I stapled the batting edges down on the back side of the headboard.

batting applied
Step 3:
I staple gunned the upholstery fabric over the batting. 
upholstered headboard
Once I took the headboard to the bedroom I noticed the headboard was considerably low. The mattresses actually covered a lot of the beautiful fabric I upholstered! It took some research, but I finally decided to purchase two bun feet, or short furniture legs, from Home Depot. The legs were a little too long so I sawed off a few inches.
Then I used a 3 inch dowel screw (a screw that's sharp on both ends) and a vice grip (super strong pliers that latch down) to attach the bun feet to the legs. This added 12 inches to the height of my low headboard, a perfect fit for the height of my mattresses!
bun feet dowel screw and vicegrip
Now all that's needed is to paint the legs white so that it appears to be all one leg...  

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